About Us

Why we founded Curious Cub

Every parent wants the best for their child. This makes parenting the biggest responsibility there is. 

When our daughter Nyra was born, I restlessly looked for ways in which I could best support her development journey. This led us to read multiple research papers on Brain Development. The research revealed that 80% of brain development happens by 3 years, yet children start preschool only at 2 years. I came across a lot of material and activities that we can do to promote brain development. 

Quality first approach

We firmly believe in sustainable manufacturing. 

Eco-friendly: Our toys are made of natural materials such as wood & fabric. They do not contain batteries, plastic, or electronics. 

Child-safe: We use only water-based paints (no lead or other toxics)

Made in India: Each toy is handcrafted by local artisan partners

Our founder

Curious Cub was founded in 2021 by Shreya Mittal. She is an alumna of LSR and MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Boston) .