Benefits of bath time beyond hygiene


Benefits of bath time beyond hygiene

1. During a bath, the baby’s body is touched all over, more than during any other parts of the day. This is important for cognitive and emotional development. 

2. The baby’s pressure receptors are stimulated as the blood pressure is slowed down making it a relaxing experience.

3. Bath time is a multi sensory experience - from watching the bubbles pop, to listening to the water run and smelling the soap, your baby is using different senses during their bath.

4. Bath time is also a time where parents give their babies undivided attention as they usually do not look at their cell phones at this time. Having pockets of technology free time, is important, and bath time does just that!

When to do it ?

The best time to give your baby a bath is when they wake up, before a feed. You can give your baby a gentle massage, some tummy time and then a warm bath. If your baby is too hungry, then you may give them half a feed or wait several minutes after a full feed. Babies usually like to sleep after a bath so, keep the room lights dim and quiet for your baby once they come out of the bath.

Many people like to give babies a bath in the mornings, but a warm bath before bed helps calm the baby down and gets rid of the day’s worth of spit ups and diapering. Some baby’s may have two baths a day depending on the weather and your baby’s skin type. Avoid over bathing your baby as it may dry out your baby’s skin. You may choose to give your baby a sponge bath in the morning and a warm soak before bed at night time.

Baths are a crucial part of a bedtime routine and help babies wind down after a long day. 

Here are some tips to have a successful bath time routine

1. Have everything you need ready before the bath: Towel, soap, lotion, diaper, clothes

2. Keep all items easily accessible, within your reach, so that you don’t have to leave baby unattended

3. Give a nice gentle massage before the bath and let baby lay on their tummy for a few minutes.

4. You can use the standing card holder from the level 1 montessori box as your baby lets the oil soak in.

5. Check the water temperature, it should feel warm on your wrist

6. Fill the tub or sink with 1/4th water. You can even add a few drops of lavender essential oil

7. Gently immerse your baby in the tub or sink, feet first, then bottom, back and finally head.

8. Play calm music

9. Use a baby friendly body wash that doesn’t burn the eyes. 

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