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Montessori Box - Level 1

Montessori Box - Level 1

0-2 months

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Two Sided Mobile

Black and white side when vision is not developed and coloured side when baby is 6 weeks

Black and White Card Stand

An easy way to show high contrast cards to baby during tummy time

Wooden Rattle

Nothing beats a classic wooden rattle for sound tracking exercise 

Kicking Ball

Strengthens their legs as baby begins to coordinate their feet 

2-in-1 Crinkle Mat

Looking at high contrast images improves vision and crinkle sound provides auditory stimulation 

Grasping rattle

Perfect for grasping, hand control, and tracking moving objects 

Infant Mirror

High quality mirror card for gazing 

Visual Stimulation Cards - Set 1

Improves baby's vision by showing black and white cards 

Visual Stimulation Cards - Set 2

Rotate to more more intricate patterns when baby is 5-6 weeks 

Parent's Handbook Months 0-2

Benefits of each product, how to use each toy and age specific DIY ideas 

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