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Montessori Box-3 months+

Montessori Box-3 months+

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Bell Chime Mobile

Practice grasping a moving object and learn about cause and effect

Geometric Rattle

Ergonomically designed for grasping, passing from hand to hand and reaching 

Tummy Time Tumbler

The tumbler rolls a bit and then stops. This invites movement and engages your baby's core during tummy time 

Standing Mirror

Gazing in the mirror is a great tool to extend tummy time and build body awareness

Small Rattle

Appropriate sized rattle encourages more intentional hand movement 


Mouthing objects is a natural way for babies to explore the world and get ready for speaking 

Nature Black and White Cards

At this age babies love looking at high contrast images 

Animal Black and White Cards

during the early months high contrast images help in improving vision 

High Contrast Board Book

Baby's first book with high contrast images

Parent's Handbook

Benefits of each play item, how to use and age specific DIY ideas

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