Why every montessori home has a toy shelf

You have probably seen a Montessori ‘shelf' on every Montessori blogger you follow. So what’s the deal? 

Benefits of Montessori Shelf 

  1. Children learn best in a space where they know where everything is
  2. Encourages clean up and develops sense of order 
  3. Easier to rotate toys - this helping to keep things new and interesting
  4. Independence - as child can choose what activity interests them
  5. A well prepared beautiful space is inviting so children will play focused for longer

When creating a safe and inviting learning environment for your child, you will need- 

1. Shelf 

A low shelf which is easily accessible to the child builds independence. It allows them  to get what they need and put it back when they are done. About 6 provocations at a time are ideal, so that your child doesn’t feel overwhelmed with the number of choices provided.

2. Trays 

Using large baskets with a wide top allows the child to see what’s inside easily.  Ever looked for your keys in a purse or backpack? Not fun right? The same concept applies here! Arrange items like books, dolls, stuffed animals in the basket in a way that the child can see everything at once when looking from above.

3. Boxes 

You can use closed boxes for everything else and put them away in a closet out of your child’s reach. You may re-purpose cardboard boxes or use storage bins with a lid. Toys and books not in rotation should be put away in these boxes.


1. Limiting the number of activities to 6-8 to ensure your child isn't overstimulated. 
2. Always have a mix of familiar and new activities
3. Put everything else away in closed boxes out of baby's reach
4. Rotate toys once every two weeks or if you notice your child has lost interest. 

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