4 Taste Safe Toddler Art Activities

After your child has some experience with painting, they begin to understand that this is not something to eat. However, they might try an occasional lick. It is important to provide them with taste safe paints as well as painting tools that are not sharp. You can make taste safe paint by mixing yogurt with food colours or natural pigments like turmeric, beetroot etc.

4 art activities that you can do with your child

1. Banana Leaf Painting

A fun medium to use instead of regular paper is a banana leaf. Provide your child with different tools like brushes, rollers, stamps to paint on the leaf. The ridges on the leaf will provide a textured feel as your child paints on them. 

2. Vegetable stamping

Cut some vegetables and offer a plate with different colours. Demonstrate how to dip vegetable in paint and stamp

3. Shower painting

If you are worried about the mess that painting might create, take it in the shower! Let your child use their hands and feet to dip in and smear paint over the glass or stone walls. You can invite them to be part of the clean-up process too. They can use sponges and soap to wash the walls. 

4. Creating Masterpieces

This is an easy one but always successful! Tape a large sheet of paper to the floor. In small metal bowls, add homemade paint. Provide your child with different tools like brushes, rollers, stamps to create a masterpiece. This is great for children who do not like to sit in one place as they can access it from all sides - they need to move around the paper to paint.

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