5 ways to play with pom poms

Toddlers love to play with pom poms plus they are super cheap. Here are 5 fun fine motor activity using pom poms 

1. Pom pom transfer 

Fill a sensory bin with pom poms and give your toddler a child sized pitcher and encourage them to transfer to the empty bin. This improves fine motor skills and hand eye coordination. The pitcher set is from level 9 montessori box and sensory table is from Curious Cub

2. Pom Pom Sort 

Tape coloured paper rolls along the edges of the table and give your child pom poms to sort by colour. 

3. Pom Pom Press

Cut a very small hole in a box or use a milk/juice tetra pack. The hole should be small enough that the pom pom doesn’t pass through easily but has to be pressed with a finger for it to go in. This improves fine motor skills and muscle strength. 

4. Pom Poms in a whisk 

Put pom poms inside a whisk and ask your child to take them out. They will have to use their thumb and finger to grab the pom pom, thus developing their pincer grip. The same grip we use for opening buttons and holding a pen. 

5. Pom Pom Tracker

Use blu tack to adhere empty kitchen rolls on the wall. Place them at such an angle that the rolling pom pom falls inside the next paper roll. This is a great activity to encourage standing while working on fine motor skills and mechanical thinking

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