How to involve your toddler in Kitchen

Working in the kitchen is an integral aspect of Montessori at home and something all toddlers absolutely love! 

The kitchen offers children a variety of sensory experiences and supports the development of different age appropriate skills. Before spending a whole lot of money on a fancy play kitchen and beautiful wooden and crochet play food, stop and think! 

Real life experiences in the actual kitchen are not only authentic but also more fun! So instead of the pretend stuff, invest in a good kitchen helper instead. A learning tower has support on all sides so keeps toddlers safe

Why involve a toddler in the kitchen?

  • Being in the kitchen is a brilliant way to teach your baby about science and math.
  • It also improves their fine motor skills and aids in bonding.
  • It’s an amazing life skill
  • Besides all this, who minds a helping hand in the kitchen 😉🎉

How to Involve a toddler in Kitchen

At 15 months +

1. Rinse fruit and vegetable

2. Pick leaves from coriander

3. Transfer dry ingredients from bowl to another

4. Stir batter

At 18 months +

1. Shelling pea pods

2. Peel potato

3. Sort silverware

4. Rolling chapati

5. Spread jam/ butter on bread

6. Dry and liquid pouring


At 21 months+ 

1. Peel eggs

2. Spread butter or Jam on a bread

3. Taking out orange juice

4. Make bhel puri

5. Make lemonade

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