Why never correct a child's mistakes during play

When we constantly interrupt our little one’s to ensure the work is done correctly we undermine their self confidence, problem solving ability and concentration. 

We should educate by “teaching” not “correcting” as words such as “no no no”, “ oops” , “this is wrong” undermine the child’s confidence and discourage them from trying again

It’s important to sit back and observe your child make mistakes and fix on their own. 

But it can be hard to not jump in when we see them make a mistake. Best way to not interrupt is by using self-correcting toys. 

What are self-correcting toys ?

A self correcting toy is such that it tells the child if they have done the work correctly or not. Regular toys don’t have a control of error built in and the child can finish it in many ways without knowing if he completed the task the way it was supposed to be done. 

Few self correcting toys for 12- 18 months old 

1. Multi Shape puzzle ( 13 months +)

2. Insect Puzzle ( 15 months +)

3. Shape Matching Cards ( 15 months +)

4. Animal Matching ( 17 months +)

5. Thick wooden puzzle ( 17 months +)

6. Nesting Puzzle ( 17 months +)

7. Stacking and Colour Matching Peg Board

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