Repurpose Insect Puzzle

Your child has mastered the insect pincer puzzle. Before you remove it from the shelf, here are 2 other ways to use it to keep it new and exciting for your toddler!

1. Treasure hunt (15 months +)

Hide the insects of the puzzle in colored rice. Your baby will have to move their hands in rice and try to find the insects. This adds a nice sensory touch and keeps the toy exciting. The sensory table used in this image is from Curious Cub.

2. Flashcards to insect matching

Take the insect pieces from the puzzle, and insect flashcards from level 8 Montessori box. Lay the insect flashcards on the table and encourage the baby to match the insect pieces to the corresponding flashcards. Add a web using washi take to add an additional layer of problem solving challenge.

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