8 Ways to use the pitcher set

The level 9 Montessori Box comes with a pitcher set - 2 pastel blue pitchers, light in weight and perfect in size for your little one. This set is versatile and has many uses. It grows with your child and can be used in multiple ways to keep pouring activities new and fun for the kid. 

1. Flower vase

Use fresh flowers or any other artificial flowers you may have at home. This gives the children a sense of the aesthetic and teaches them how to make the environment more inviting. Not to mention, it also improves their hand eye coordination and fine motor skills as they set up the flower vase and water it. Soon you might even notice your child, using their imagination and calling sticks, spoons etc the flowers as they give it to you to express their love.                          

2. Pouring

Practical life skills are strongly emphasized on, in the Montessori approach. Set up a tray with one pitcher half filled with water and the other pitcher empty. Place a sponge or cloth on the tray to clean up any spills. Your child will use their hand eye coordination and small wrist movement to pour the water from one pitcher to the other.  

3. Watering plants

If you do not have a small, child size watering can, the pitchers can be used to give your child the opportunity to care for the plants in their environment. It could be part of their morning routine. They wake up and after brushing their teeth and going to the bathroom, they can fill up the pitcher and water the plants. This helps them develop a love for nature too!

4. Pet care

If you have a pet at home, then your child can use the pitcher to fill their water bowls with a drink of water. This gives them a sense of responsibility and ownership. They can be in charge of checking the bowl periodically to see if it needs a refill. 

5. Getting a drink

How often does your toddler refuse to drink water when you offer it to them but ask you for some right when you are in the middle of something? Set out the pitcher set on a tray, one with water and the other with milk (or a drink your child enjoys). Use a small lid to cover it and place a glass next to it. Your child can independently get a drink whenever they are thirsty by pouring it from the pitchers into the glass. 

6. Tea party

Pretend play is a great way for children to hone their imagination and get creative. On a tray set the pitcher and some small tea cups. Encourage your child to invite their stuffed animals and dolls to the tea party and watch them develop their language skills as they have fun at their little get together.

7. Bath time

The pitcher set can be used during bath time for scooping water, pouring from one to the other or even washing the soap off themselves! It could also be used to ‘fish’ their bath toys out of the water.

8. Magical color reveal

Add a few drops of food color in a cupcake tray. Cover it with baking powder so that no color is visible. Give your child a pitcher full of vinegar and ask them to pour. As they pour they will see fizz and a color revealed. Science experiments are essential for cognitive development of toddlers. The sensory table is from Curious Cub and helps to contain the mess when doing DIYs. 

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