How to involve your toddler in the kitchen

Practical life exercise is an integral aspect of Montessori at home and something all toddlers absolutely love! You will need a learning tower so your child can safely access the counter without the risk of falling. A learning tower has support on all sides as is meant for ages 12 months - 3 years. 

Why involve a toddler in the kitchen?

1 Being in the kitchen is a brilliant way to teach your baby about science and math.

2 It also improves their fine motor skills and aids in bonding.

3 It’s an amazing life skill

4 Besides all this, who minds a helping hand in the kitchen.

How to Involve a toddler in Kitchen ?

At 12 months + 

  • The child can observe you
  • Mash fully cooked potatoes
  • Brush oil or butter with a pastry brush
  • Smell herbs 

At 15 months +

  • Rinse fruit and vegetable 
  • Pick leaves from coriander 
  • Transfer dry ingredients from bowl to another
  • Stir batter
At 18 months +
  • Shelling pea pods
  • Peel potato
  • Sort silverware
  • Rolling chapati
  • Spread jam/ butter on bread
  • Dry and liquid pouring

At 21 months+ 

  • Peel eggs 
  • Spread butter or Jam on a bread
  • Taking out orange juice
  • Make bhel- puri
  • Make lemonade
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