Want to raise a reader?

While reading to your child and modelling how to read a book is crucial, it's also important for your child to have several opportunities during the day to read independently. One way to ensure that is by setting up a cozy space for your child.

Some suggestions for setting up a reading space

👉Accessible book shelf - A shelf that is at your child’s height with only 5 or 6 books demands independence. Your child can not only take a book out to read independently, but will also learn to put it back without feeling overwhelmed. Rotate the books on the shelf periodically - either bi weekly or when your child loses interest. 

In Image: Montessori Bookshelf from Curious Cub

👉Teepee with blanket and cushions 

This is a great way to wind down before naps and bedtime, snuggle up and read. Going inside an enclosed space helps your child feel calm and secure and block out any over stimulating experiences around them. 


Find a chair that your child can climb in and out of themselves, so that they have different seating options beyond just the floor to relax and read a book in.


A super soft textured rug is crucial - it not only provides a space to sit on and read but also demarcates the reading space well.

👉Open baskets with puppets and provocations for story telling 

While setting up your reading space

1 Keep it simple and free of clutter

2 Less is more.

3 Have a few books and storytelling provocations to go with it.

4 Offer multiple seating options.

5 First model using it, then use it with your child and eventually your child will use it independently.

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