5 Montessori Activities you have at home

In Image: Sensory Table from Curious Cub 

1. Sink and Float

  • Set up a tray with materials of different buoyancy and ask to dump in water to check if it floats or sinks.
  • They will observe that some float and some sink.
  • Even if they don’t say anything yet, they are absorbing it all.
  • The Sensory table used is from Curious Cub. It helps contain the mess and makes the presentation of DIY activities more inviting for the toddler. 

In Image: Learning Tower from Curious Cub

2. Silverware Sorting

Sorting is a skill that is built on through the years. At this age, you can begin exposure by offering your child silverware in a stand. Place 3 forks on one side and a 3 spoon on the other - to ‘label’ the groups. Model putting all the spoons in the side with the spoon and say ‘spoon’ as you pick each one up. It’s a great set up when you are busy in the kitchen and need your toddler to be constructively busy. You can use a Learning tower to make the kitchen counter more accessible.   

3. Spaghetti posting

Place a colander upside down on a tray along with some uncooked spaghetti on its side for your child to post the spaghetti in each hole. This simple activity develops fine motor skills and hand eye coordination .

4. Food prep

  • Washing, peeling, cutting, chopping help develop fine motor skills and hand eye coordination.
  • It also makes them curious as they watch the changes in states of matter, consistency and color.
  • It helps build a positive relationship with food.
  • Adding a learning tower to your kitchen where your child can safely stand helps them reach the counter easily. 

5. Animal rescue

  • Add small animal figurines to your ice tray, fill with water and freeze. Once frozen, present them to your child to rescue the animals.
  • Give hammer to rescue animals 
  • Or it can also be a fun bath time activity. As the ice cubes are dropped in the warm bath water, your child can rescue the animals from the melting cubes.
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