Science Experiment - Why and How

When children participate in science experiments, they are encouraged to think critically and use their problem solving skills. It develops language, boosts creativity and enhances their imagination. It teaches them to make predictions, test it out and then wait for the outcome. Introducing children to science experiments at a young age supports brain development. 

5 science experiments that 21 old months can do 

In Image: Sensory Table from Curious Cub

1. Mixtures and solutions

On a tray, set up glasses filled with primary colors. Direct your child to choose any two colors and mix them together. Observe the water change color and  talk about what happened. Review what happened each time and how the outcomes were all so different.

In Image: Sensory Table from Curious Cub

2. Colorful Celery

Fill 4 glasses with water and add different food color in each. Then add celery in each glass. After several hours, you will notice the celery has absorbed the water and changed color. The lighter the color of the celery, the easier it is for the child to notice the color change.

In Image: Sensory Table from Curious Cub

3. Sink or float

Use items from nature like sticks, stones and leaves. Encourage your child to throw them in a tub of water, one by one and carefully observe to see if they splash, sink or float. This Science experiment required the children to use their observation skills, as they learn new vocabulary and learn the concept of cause and effect.

In Image: Sensory Table from Curious Cub

4. Magnet Sorting

Collect random objects from around the house and hide them in rice. Give your toddler a magnet and have them move the magnet over the rice. The magnetic objects will get stuck. Help your child sort items by magnetic and non magnetic. 

5. Rubber band guitar

Cut out a hole in an old shoe box or cardboard carton. Stretch rubber bands of different widths along the shoe box. Invite your toddler to pull the strings and explore the different sounds each of them make.

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