Help! My baby hates tummy time

If your baby doesn’t like lying on their tummy on the floor, then try tummy time 


1. On a feeding pillow

Placing your baby’s chest on a feeding pillow, gives them a boost and helps them lift their head up easily. You can use puppets, rattles or books to keep you baby engaged.     


2. On your chest

Put your baby on your chest and softly sing to them. You can even tell them stories or simply talk about your day. Be expressive and use an exaggerated tone to encourage them to lift their head up and look at you. You can even make your baby sleep on your chest.


3. On your legs

Lay your baby face down on your legs and gently rub their back. Use high contrast cards to get your baby to lift their head up. 

4. On your arm

If your baby is fussy, especially during the evenings, holding them in the football hold is extremely beneficial.

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