8 Activities to encourage sitting

Congratulations! Your baby is most likely sitting independently by now! Providing your child with ample opportunities to sit unassisted not only strengthens their core but also aids digestion. Be sure to place toys all around your child so that they twist their torso as they try to reach for them. Additionally, place toys slightly further from their arms reach which will motivate them to scoot. 

8 activities to do while your child is in the seated position

1. Rotating Drum

When your baby spins the drum with their hands, both visual and auditory sense are engaged. It encourages purposeful hand movement and encourages baby to reach for objects. Spinning drum from level 4 can be used to extend tummy time or to encourage baby to sit.

2. Scraff Pull

Weave play scarves through a wire mesh or cookie tray and prop it at an angle on your climbing triangle or play gym. Place your child in front of it in a seated position. Your child will enjoy the beautiful colors and the translucent nature of the scarves as they pull them.

3. Mess Free Painting

Add dollops of 3 different colors of paint in a ziplock bag and stick it to the floor by putting tape on all four sides. Your baby will use both their hands to smear the paint as they enjoy the mixing of the colors. 

4. Exploring Temperatures

Fill 1 basket with warm water and other with icy cold water. let the child explore the temperature of both baskets. This provides an early lesson in STEM learning. 

5. Tape Pull

Stick pieces of colored tape to the floor and invite your child to pull them off. You can leave the ends of the tape unstuck, making it an easy start point for your baby to begin pulling. This also helps develop fine motor skills and hand eye coordination 

6. Ball Grasp

Give your baby a ball and ask them to put it in a hole. This works great for fine motor skills while encouraging them to sit. Object Permanence Box from Level 4 works great for this. 

7. Ribbon Pull

Weave strips of ribbon through a wire mesh or cookie tray and prop it at an angle on your climbing triangle or play gym. Tie teethers to both sides of the ribbons. As your child pulls the ribbon, they get to mouth the teether too, thus soothing those sore gums!

8. Sensory Wall

Put different textured fabrics on the wall. Your baby will love touching and exploring all textures. Sensory mat from level 4 is designed keeping this in mind and can even be used for sensory crawl & walk as your baby grows

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