4 Zero cost fine motor activity ( 8-10 months)


1. Spaghetti in a Colander- 8 Months+

Tape a colander upside down on your child’s high chair. Poke cooked spaghetti in each or most of its holes. Your child will develop fine motor skills as they pull the spaghetti out. This also doubles up as mealtime, since your child can then eat the spaghetti too! If you have an older child (18 months +) encourage them to set this up for their younger sibling. It will work as a great fine motor activity for them too.

2. Ice Painting- 8 Months+

Fill an ice tray with water. Add a drop of food coloring (you can make food color using fruit, vegetables, turmeric) in each cube, either the same or different will do. Then cover the tray with aluminum foil. Poke a popsicle stick through the foil, into the cubes and then freeze. Once the ice has formed, tear the foil and pull out the stick with the cube. Your child can use this to paint on the high chair tray and the occasional lick will also soothe those teething gums. 

3. Pull String Box- 8 Months+

Take an old cardboard carton and poke holes on all four sides. Pass a thick ribbon through each hole. Tie knots on either end of all ribbons and seal the box shut. Pulling the ribbons out is so much fun, that your child will be encouraged to move around the box to get them all. While this is a fine motor activity, it also encourages movement and thus, develops their gross motor skills too. You may also choose to add some bells on the ribbons for an auditory effect. 

4. Clapping- 8 Months+

Did you know something as simple as clapping can help develop your child’s fine motor skills? Sit across your child and sing a song that requires clapping - If you’re happy and you know it clap your hands. You clap your hands and pause, waiting for your child to mimic your action. This simple activity strengthens their wrists and also gives them an opportunity to listen and follow. 

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