Pincer Grasp - Importance and 6 best activities develop pincer grasp

Pincer Grip is the ability to hold an object with thumb and finger. Each time you open your buttons and hold a pen you are using a pincer grip. While it seems very simple to adults, for a baby pincer grasp a big milestone. Baby’s pincer grasp begins to develop between 9 and 10 months. Just like anything else, practice makes perfect! So give them smaller objects to pick with their thumb and forefinger. Here are top 5 ideas for developing pincer grasp

1. Pincer puzzle in level 5 is a Montessori classic

That you can introduce at 9 months to not only refine your baby’s pincer grip but also enhance problem solving ability

2. Pom Pom Posting

Provide your baby with a box with big holes and pom poms. Encourage them to post the pom pom in the holes. Since pom poms are small they will need to pick it up with their thumb and finger. This will develop their pincer grip. This box is from Curious Cub Level 7 box

3. Pom Pom in a Whisk 

Put some pom poms in a Whisk and ask your child to remove them. Grabbing the pom poms through the fine gap between the rods of whisk will encourage your baby to use the pincer grip

4. Playdough posting 

Make some homemade child safe playdough and hand some ice cream sticks to your child. Demonstrate how to put the ice cream sticks in the playdough

5. Self feeding 

Offer small pieces of fully cooked fruits/ vegetables. Encourage your baby to pick the food themselves and eat the food. This will not only help refine fine motor skills but also make your child independent and a less picky eater in future

6. Pulling Wipes 

Offer your child a packet of wipes and encourage them to remove wipes. 

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