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Montessori Box- 2.5 years

Montessori Box- 2.5 years

Level 13

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Balance Scale

Explore STEM concepts like heavy and light, compare weights and balance through trial and error

Tumble Down Pegs

Learn about dimension as you post pegs of varying sizes to go in different sized holes

2 part Geometry Puzzle

Develop critical thinking and perseverance while figuring out which two parts make a square

Toddler Cleaning Set

Child-size tools to enjoy practical life activity and improve fine motor skills 

Shopping List

Follow the grocery list during this fun pretend play activity. Learn about patterning and coding

Wings Book

Learn about shapes and patterns on wings of different insects and birds

Parents Handbook - 2.5 years+

Benefits of each product, how to use each toy and age specific DIY ideas

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