6 ways to make Tummy Time fun

6 ways to make tummy time fun and exciting


1. Mirror

Place a mirror in front of your child. You can use a mirror on a stand from level 2 Montessori Box. Your baby will enjoy looking at themselves as they begin the journey of self-discovery. 

2. Reading 

Reading is always an easy and successful activity to do during tummy time. Place your baby on your legs, face done (this also adds a skin on skin component) with their head facing you. Depending on your baby’s age you may choose a black and white book (0 to 3 months) or a pop up book (3 to 6 months) or even a lift the flap book to engage your baby. Add voice modulation and facial expressions to grab your baby’s attention. 

3. Puppets

Use different hand or finger puppets and change your voice to match the character while your baby is on their tummy. You can gently move the puppet from side to side, to encourage head movement (0 to 3 months) and to encourage rolling over (3 to 6 months).

4. Lay Down

When your baby is on their tummy, you get done and lay on your tummy too - with your face in front of theirs, about 8 inches away. Blink your eyes, crinkle your nose, stick your tongue out to grab their attention. You can move your head from side to side to encourage visual tracking as your child moves their head too

5. Crinkle Mat

By now you probably know how much babies love looking at black and white patterns. The crinkle mat adds another dimension of fun by providing auditory stimulation when baby grasps and plays with it. 

6. Sing

While your baby is on their tummy, sing to them. It can be your favorite song or some upbeat nursery rhymes. It’s the tone and pitch that matters here and not the lyrics. 

  1. Massage - While your baby is on their tummy, gently rub their back, starting from the nape of their neck going downward. Not only does this help them relax, but also relieves colic and aids digestion. 
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