8 Fun activities to do with your baby during bath time

                   A bath is something that happens everyday and sometimes even more than once a day. Making it an enjoyable experience is crucial, and if learning can naturally happen, without any additional prep, then what more can one ask for!


Use a mirror during your baby’s bath for them to look at themselves and explore and discover their face and bodies. 

Blow bubbles

Bubbles are always fun for your baby to watch but they also teach them visual tracking and focus. 


This simple action is super fun and teaches your baby cause and effect.

Bath books

Use a couple of waterproof books to read to your baby during bath time. 

Bath toys

Simple floating toys like a rubber duck and a boat make bath time fun. As you make the duck swim, say ‘quack’ and make a beak with your hands and open and close for added effect.

Get in with them

Whether in the shower or in a full sized bath time, getting wet with your baby creates a special bond. You can put some soap on your baby and use their hands to get some soap on you. 

Textured items

Throw in a few textured items for your baby to feel and explore during their bath

Black and White cards

During massage place black and white cards nearby so baby can enjoy looking 

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