7 ways to use Playgym

1. Crib mobiles

Contradictory to its name, a crib mobile shouldn’t be used to lull a baby to sleep. Hanging the mobile from the playgym when they are awake and alert is ideal. The curious cub level 1 and 2  Montessori boxes have 2 mobiles as per baby’s developmental needs.  

2. Streamers

Hang different colored paper streamers from the play gym. They are interesting to look at and move with the slightest touch. Initially it might be an accidental touch, but soon our child will realize that they can make it move. 

3. Playscarves

Play scarves have a fun texture and come in exciting colors. They are also translucent and allow light to pass through them, giving different colored shadows. Hang multi colored scarves from the play gym and watch your child engage with them enthusiastically. 

4. Balls for kicking

Hang a soft ball which has a rattle sound. Place baby on the mat such that the ball is near the legs. This will encourage the baby to kick the ball to hear the sound. Thus developing core and leg strength needed for rolling over. This ball is Level 1 Montessori Box. 

5. Musical rainbow

After your baby has explored the play scares, attach different musical instruments like the rattle in the level 1 Montessori Box to the other end of the scarf. Your baby will use their hands and feet to make music! You can even add the musical chime from the level 2 Montessori Box

6. Rings on a string

Tie a piece of string horizontally across the play gym. Pass wooden rings (if you don’t have any you can cut up a toilet roll tube into rings) through the string. Place your baby’s chest directly under the string. As your baby moves their hands, the rings will move from side to side. This can also be done while your baby sits on your lap. 

7. Bell on ribbon 

Tie a lightweight jingle bell at the end of a ribbon and hang it above your baby on the playgym. Here the baby will start to use their little fingers to manipulate the bell. Their auditory skills are also being developed as they hear the bell.

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